Free WordPress Theme “MEM Core” released

Word­Press is a pop­u­lar, open-source, Con­tent Man­age­ment Sys­tem built by hun­dreds of com­mu­nity vol­un­teers around the world. Although, I’ve been devel­op­ing Word­Press Themes for years, I finally got around to releas­ing my first free WordPress Theme for pub­lic use. I call it MEM Core which is short for “Middle Ear Media Core” because I plan on creating many child Themes for it. Each child Theme will inherit the functionality of MEM Core, and will modify, or add to it in different ways.

Free WordPress Theme 'MEM Core' released


Terracotta half-life gets a new look for 2010

Terracotta half-life is a tropical funk band from Marquette Michigan that I founded over five years ago. I created the first website for the band in 2005. It was a static site built with HTML and formatted the “old” way with lots of nested tables and inline styles. It was a real pain to update. Over the years, its been evolving with the band and now looks like this.

Screenshot of 2010

Knee Deep in WordPress

In case you haven’t heard, WordPress is a personal publishing system built on PHP and MySQL. In other words, it allows your site to be a dynamic, database-driven organism. So rather than having a couple static HTML pages sitting there getting dusty, your site can be built with PHP modules which can be combined in many different ways to dynamically generate the HTML page seen in your browser. I’ll get into why that is so important in future posts.

Screen shot of WordPress Login Screen

Major site redesign

Wow, it’s been almost two years since the last major site redesign here at Middle Ear Media. A lot has happened since then. It might take a couple days to get everything in order, but I just couldn’t wait any longer.

I went with a whole new look for the site, but I plan on bringing the old look back with an Optional-Theme button where the user can select which Theme is used to display the site.

Screen shot of the old site