Protecting the Upper Peninsula from unsustainable development, degradation and dangerous contamination

Save The Wild UP is a non profit organization that operates in the Marquette area. Through public awareness and education they strive to protect the Upper Peninsula of Michigan from unsustainable development, degradation and dangerous contamination. Their original web site was designed in 2007 and had been modified numerous times since. It was in need of a major overhaul both in terms of user experience as well as content management. I redesigned their site to solve both of these issues.

Save The Wild UP


Dynamic Content: Why it’s Essential

There are many reasons to have dynamic content on your website, but the two most important are to increase traffic and to increase sales. Dynamic content will drive traffic to your site by helping give you a better ranking in search engine results. It can drive sales (assuming you’re selling something) or conversions by giving your visitors a better user experience.

Dynamic Content is Essential