2010 Poster Design for Terracotta half-life

I just finished a new poster design for Terracotta half-life. The poster lists gig dates for the first half of 2010 as well as the band’s website. I based this design on some ancient Egyptian art. It has a gritty feel due to the use of subtle textures and shades of dark gray. This darkness of the bottom half is contrasted with multiple layers of warm colors and patterns on the top half.

Example of Terracotta half-life Poster

Terracotta half-life gets a new look for 2010

Terracotta half-life is a tropical funk band from Marquette Michigan that I founded over five years ago. I created the first website for the band in 2005. It was a static site built with HTML and formatted the “old” way with lots of nested tables and inline styles. It was a real pain to update. Over the years, its been evolving with the band and now looks like this.

Screenshot of Terracottahalflife.com 2010