How to use FeedBurner with WordPress

Find out how to use FeedBurner with WordPress. If you have a blog, you’re probably familiar with the concept of feeds. If you’re not sure what a feed is, read my article about RSS feeds. Feeds are a great way to share content. However, there are some limitations. There’s really no way to know any stats on subscribers. How can it be done? FeedBurner, now owned by Google, is a popular syndication service that makes it easy to receive content updates in news readers. Though it is free, you get what you pay for in support.


RSS Feeds Explained

Have you ever noticed the sheer amount of information on the internet? It’s become overwhelming and guess what? It’s only going to grow! So content publishers need to find ways to make it easier for their audience to receive their content.

The concept behind RSS is really simple. So simple in fact that RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. RSS is one of the most popular formats used to distribute content on the internet. Also known as a Web Feed, it is a great way to get your content out to the masses if you have a blog, news site, or really any website with content that is updated frequently.

Various RSS Feed Icons