February 16, 2012

Sisu Spine

Sisu Spine

Client: Sisu Spine, LLC
Date: December 2010
Task: Front-end Development

Sisu Spine, LLC is an independent medical device distributorship that provides consultative solutions to surgeons in multiple specialties in northern Michigan and northern Wisconsin.

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Client Testimonial

I’ve worked with several web developers, and I’m very impressed with Middle Ear Media’s attention to detail, the quality of their work, and their speed. Their approach of gathering input in a thorough questionnaire to better understand customer needs and how the website will be used is a practice more developers should apply.

When I chose Middle Ear Media for my latest business website I was under a severe time crunch, so there was no margin for error as we approached the target date. I was concerned, as I had become accustomed to excessive delays arising from a general lack of attention to detail among web developers. Many are competent artists but poor at execution. I had no such issues with Middle Ear Media. They delivered quality work on schedule and on budget.

I strongly recommend Middle Ear Media to other business owners who need a professional, thoughtful, thorough and efficient web developer.

Marquette, Michigan
Chuck Goudy
General Manager
Sisu Spine, LLC