February 16, 2012

Cedar Tree Institute

Cedar Tree Institute

Client: Cedar Tree Institute
Date: January 2002 – March 2013
Task: Web Design, Front-end Development, CMS, SEO, Maintenance, E-commerce

A nonprofit organization that initiates and provides collaborative services in the areas of mental health, religion and the environment. A healing spirit restoring a land and its peoples.

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Client Testimonial

Middle Ear Media has provided website design and web monitoring for the Cedar Tree Institute for the last ten years. Obadiah’s work has been extraordinary.

His knowledge of how to best make use of internet services and his creative instincts and competence have helped our small nonprofit organization establish a reputation that continues to draw commendations from diverse sectors of the public including the United States Forest Service and the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

He is a true wizard.

Marquette, Michigan
Jon Magnuson
The Cedar Tree Institute