NMU Earthkeepers Spread Awareness with Public Service Announcements

As part of their media campaign, Earthkeepers II had me produce a Public Service Announcement (PSA) for distribution to Marquette area radio stations. Actually, three different thirty-second PSAs were produced. Each one featuring a unique message by a different member of the Earthkeepers II NMU Student Team.

Earthkeepers II Public Service Announcement

Public Service Announcement 1

The first Public Service Announcement was voiced by Adam Magnuson.

I like my martinis dirty, not my water. We are living alongside the Great Lakes, the largest freshwater reservoirs in the world. Take a moment to give thanks, get to know your watershed, and do your part to preserve and protect our water. Let’s keep the Great Lakes great.

Public Service Announcement 2

The second Public Service Announcement was voiced by Tom Merkel.

When Twinkies were going to be discontinued, it was national news. Today, up to 200 species could go extinct. Why aren’t they in the news?

Public Service Announcement 3

The third Public Service Announcement was voiced by Katelin Bingner.

The Great Lakes basin is part of the path Monarch butterflies travel during their summer migrations. Help them make their 3000 mile journey by preserving their most vital food source, the common milkweed.

PSA Production

Along with the voices of the Earthkeepers II NMU Student Team, each PSA also features the voice of yours truly.

This Public Service Announcement was brought to you by NMU’s Student Earthkeepers, a partner with Northern Michigan’s 2014 environmental initiative.

The gentle music in the background is a snippet of my original song “Releasing Elements” from Tai Chi Healing Music Vol. One. This album was a collection of gentle rhythms and profound melodies meant to help induce a state of meditation, inspiration, and relaxation in the listener.

I enjoyed creating these PSAs and helping the Earthkeepers spread awareness about the relationship between the environment and spirituality. I hope you enjoyed listening. How can you get involved?

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