Logo and Business Card Design for Middle Ear Media

I’m very excited about my new logo and business card design. Along with the redesign of my site middleearmedia.com, the logo and business card design are part of my 2012 rebranding effort. I’ll talk more about the website redesign in another post, but right now I want to explain my new logo and business card design in more detail.

Logotype Design

Great care was taken in selecting a clean, modern, sans-serif typeface for my business name. This is also the same typeface that’s used on my website for page titles, widget titles, and navigation menu links. An italic typeface was carefully matched to the sans-serif and used for the descriptive tagline. The size of each typeface fits a scale that is based on a two-stranded Fibonacci series.

Logo Design

The new logo represents my attempt to simplify my business name into an icon. I started with a slightly-faded red square over an off-white background. After superimposing the letter M (using the same sans-serif typeface) over the square at an angle of roughly 40 degrees counter-clockwise, I removed the part of the square that was covered by the letter. That left only two, small, right triangles and a trapezoid, but the viewer shouldn’t have any trouble seeing the letter M.

Business Card Design

Using my new logo and logotype separated by a horizon line, I created a powerful, minimalistic identity. The placement of the horizon line is based on the golden section, which is considered by many to be the most elegant proportion. I designed both one-sided and two-sided business cards, but ultimately decided to go with the two-sided version because it allowed for more white space in the design.


Logo and Business Card Design for Middle Ear Media - Front


Logo and Business Card Design for Middle Ear Media - Back

One-sided Version

One-sided version of Business Card for Middle Ear Media

Brand Identity

A strong brand identity is important to the success of your business. When potential customers see that you don’t have a logo, or one that’s poorly designed, they are much less likely to be impressed and therefore less likely to do business with you. If you’d like to enhance your image and increase the perceived value of your business, work with me to get your new logo and business card design started.

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