Large Background Images: Size Matters

Large Background Images – when a large image is used as a background on a website – is a great way to draw attention and capture the interest of viewers immediately. The visual emphasis allows for an instant immersion in the brand. Sure, some people like to read words, but most of us just want to look at the pictures. After being exposed to a large image that we find some connection with, we’re much more likely to be interested in learning more. In this showcase, you’ll find 10 examples of websites with large background images from all over the web that I hope will inspire you.

Large Background Images

1. World In My Lens

World In My Lens

2. Filter Surfboard Manufacturing Academy

Filter Surfboard Manufacturing Academy

3. Julia Gavrilova

Julia Gavrilova

4. Lobagola


5. Made In Days

Made In Days

6. The FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014

The FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014

7. Shanghai


8. Tinquer


9. Field Guide

Field Guide

10. Brothers


Conclusion on Large Background Images

As we all know, size does matter. Large Background Images can help convey a story and make emotional connections. However, there is a potential down side to this technique. Large images can significantly slow down the loading of web page. The image size must be large enough to be seen in high resolution on large screens, yet the file size should be kept as small as possible. If visitors have to wait too long for the page to load, they might just leave. After all, there’s no shortage of other websites out there. They may not be right for everybody, but if used properly, large background images can be very effective at creating an intriguing experience.

I hope you enjoyed this showcase of large background images, found inspiration, and maybe even reconsidered some preconceived notions of how web sites should look. If you’d like to share your thoughts on the subject of large background images, leave a comment. I’d love to hear your insights!

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