March 4, 2015

Web Audio Loop Mixer

Web Audio Loop Mixer is a Web Audio experiment created with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and the Web Audio API. This web app is a stand alone loop mixer with effects. It allows up to four audio loops to be boosted, attenuated, equalized, panned, muted, and effected with delay or distortion in the browser.

Web Audio Loop Mixer

Using the Web Audio Loop Mixer is Easy

The audio sources are derived from user media via file select input. To get the party started, select audio loops (mp3 or wav, etc.) of equal length from your hard drive for each channel.

Then press play and adjust each channel accordingly. The controls are color coded for easy recognition. Global effects include delay and distortion with reverb coming soon.

Browser Support

As of this writing, the Web Audio API works in Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Firefox. Support for other browsers is coming soon. Google Chrome is the recommended browser.

Web Audio Loop Mixer Features Wishlist

  • Reverb
  • Check if audio source is playing and stop it before playing audio source again.
  • Level meters