March 1, 2013

War Machine

War Machine is a Web Audio experiment created with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. The App uses the Web Audio API to create a sample pad interface reminiscent of an Akai MPC. The purpose of War Machine is not to promote violence, but rather to create a safe (victimless) environment for the release of excess aggression.

War Machine

War Machine has twelve pads. Each pad is loaded with a different sound of war. When a pad is clicked, it flashes red and triggers a sound. Multiple samples can play at the same time, so try clicking a bunch of pads real quick!

War Machine for Stress Management

We’ve noticed that it works great as a Stress Management tool. If you find yourself still feeling stressed out after assaulting the pads relentlessly for two or three minutes, you might be better off trying Virtual Kalimba or Virtual Hang instead.

Browser Support

As of this writing, the Web Audio API only works in Chrome. Support for other browsers is coming soon. Therefore, you should probably definitely download Chrome before trying to use this app!

Features Wishlist

  • Volume adjustment
  • Blood splatter graphics when pad is clicked
  • Choice of multiple sound banks
  • QWERTY keyboard mapping

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