Virtual Kalimba



Lowpass Frequency

Lowpass Resonance

Highpass Frequency

Highpass Resonance

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are keys that can be pressed while playing the Kalimba to modify the sound in real time. They're laid out in a logical grid to match the control panel. Each control has three shortcuts associated with it.

Shortcut Keys for Volume are 1, 2, and 3

Shortcut Keys for Pan are 4, 5, and 6

Shortcut Keys for Lowpass Frequency are Q, W, and E

Shortcut Keys for Lowpass Resonance are R, T, and Y

Shortcut Keys for Highpass Frequency are A, S, and D

Shortcut Keys for Highpass Resonance are F, G, and H

Tips & Tricks


Tip: Luckily the Kalimba comes pre-tuned, and is not susceptible to changes of humidity, temperature, or barometric pressure. Nor is it likely to be affected much by excessive usage, extreme carelessness, or any other kind of negligence on your part. So relax, you don't ever have to worry about making sure it's in tune.

Tip: The Kalimba is tuned to a B minor pentatonic scale. While this does limit what can be played, it also makes it nearly impossible to play a wrong note. The B minor pentatonic scale consists of the following five notes: B, D, E, Fsharp, A. The Kalimba spans a full two octaves from B3 to B5.


Tip: To play the Kalimba, hover your pointer over the tines, to "pluck" them much like a real Kalimba is played. Move slowly to hear individual notes. Try swiping quickly over multiple tines in a horizontal fashion to play chords.

Tip: The Kalimba has three alternate layouts. They can be selected by clicking on the small icons near the top. Each layout offers a different arrangement of the same notes. Each corresponds to the shape of it's icon. Depending on your preference, you can arrange the notes ascending from left to right, ascending from right to left, or ascending from the center alternating to the left and right.


Tip: To get that classic Kalimba sound hole modulation effect, try this. Use your mouse to strike the tines. While they are still ringing, press [A] and [S] repeatedly.

Tip: To get a stereo phased modulation effect, try this. First strike the tines. While they are still ringing, press [4] and [6] repeatedly. For a bit more subtlety with this effect, use [4] and [5], or [5] and [6].

Don't forget to relax, breath, smile, and have fun!

Virtual Kalimba is a Web Audio experiment by Middle Ear Media.

* Keep in mind you need a modern browser for this to work!