Aaron Kippola shares his musical endeavors

Aaron Kippola is a multi-talented musician who is known for his saxophone, guitar, drums, and more. He is currently working on several self-produced albums on which he sings and plays most of the instruments. Several years ago, I designed a logo for him and began work on his Album Covers. I also created a simple splash page in lieu of a proper website. After a long wait, I’m glad to announce the launch of his new website.

Aaron Kippola


Color Scheme & Layout

The site uses the same gray, white, and green color scheme as his logo. In fact, the logo is a key element in the minimalist site design. It stands out from the gray background in the upper left corner of the site. The layout is familiar with a horizontal navigation menu below the logo. Main content is on the left and a narrow sidebar is located on the right.

Boxes, Borders, & Backgrounds

Boxes with thin, white borders act as a unifying element throughout the design. The boxes surround regions such as the navigation menu, sidebar widgets, as well as individual page and post content. The separating effect of the boxes is increased by the creative use of subtle background images. An image of a stage floor with sprawling cables serves as the background for most pages. However, the contact page is bit more personal with a large image of Aaron faded into the background.

Aaron Kippola


Embedded Webfonts are utilized for the navigation menu and widget titles. This allows for easy updating of widgets and menu items without having to create new graphics each time. Page titles use an image replacement technique to include graphical embellishments.


News Updates & Blog Posts

Using WordPress as the Content Management System, Aaron Kippola can keep his site fresh by easily publishing his own dynamic content at will. The News page, which is also the home page, is where Aaron will keep us up to date on his musical endeavors including the progress of his recording projects and other important milestones. If you’re interested in learning more about Aaron on a personal level, his blog is the place for you. Here, he’ll share his thoughts on the music industry, review some gear, and maybe even rant about a thing or two.

Photo Gallery

The Photos page shows five thumbnail images from each of Aaron’s galleries. It also provides a link to each gallery. On the individual gallery pages, thumbnails are shown. When clicked, full-size images open in an overlay window. They open as a slideshow by default, but can be manually navigated as well.

Aaron Kippola


There’s no music on the site yet, but Aaron’s first album is in the mixing stage so it shouldn’t be long now. He plans on having free samples to listen to, and songs & albums available for purchase. Along with the music, he will also provide lyrics for all the songs. Eventually, he’ll add a calendar to promote upcoming gigs so you can see him perform and hear his music live.

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