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Middle Ear Media is a creative design studio & web agency located in Marquette, Michigan that provides identity & branding, custom web design & website development services.

Marquette Web Design

Looking for something like a blog, content management system, or e-commerce platform? No problem. Don’t have a logo, or looking to rebrand? I can transform your business from an idea into reality with my brand identity services. Would you like to increase the traffic to your site? I can help you by optimizing it for search engines. Your website is a powerful marketing tool. If developed and nurtured properly, it can bring you success. Get it to do the work for you.

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The Hammer, Anvil & StirrupWhere rogue ideas are forged by the hammer of web standards upon the anvil of semantic markup into the stirrup of creative design.

The Hammer, Anvil & Stirrup is a weblog dedicated to dropping odd bits of knowledge, providing resources and sharing tips, tutorials, strategies and personal experiences.

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    We are very pleased with our website. It is exactly how we wanted it, professional and easy to navigate. We have already received many compliments. I would highly recommend Middle Ear Media.

    Marquette, Michigan

    Ljubitza Ghiardi
    Che Bello

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